Hydraulic Press Brake

Peyman Machine’s hydraulic Press Brakes are designed in different sizes from 2 to 14 meters with a maximum Force of 1200ton by employing an advanced technology to bend metal sheets.

Peyman Machine has succeeded in manufacturing Press Brake with a length of 14m and force of 1200ton.Upgrading hydraulic system and controlling the old and used Press Brakes are other activities of Peyman Machine.

The Press Brake’s Jaw movement system is designed so that the dynamic jaw in descending has two movements a rapid movement and a bending movement and in ascending a rapid return.

The CNC back gauge system enables us to adjust the intended distance between the two indicators Static jaw’s ram edge and back Gauge’s edge to adjust the bending width automatically. An AC motor provides the back gauge’s movement while controlling its position is done by an AC drive with a rotary encoder. Capability of using two back gauges (backward and forward upward and downward movement of back gauge) enables the operator to have more exploitation.

Using electronic rulers on both sides of the dynamic jaw ensures a coordinate movement of the jaw and an exact   controlling of the last position of the jaw in bending.

Using advanced hydraulic valves and equipment’s and proportional directional valves and variable piston pumps in the hydraulic system has increased the precision and efficiency of the machine.

The programs consisting of some consecutive bends can be saved in the Press Brake’s memory and then just by pressing the pedal each time one of the bends of the saved program is done on the sheet respectively.

The electronic equipment in Press Brake provides the capability of fault diagnosis and adjustment of the Press Brake’s software via the phone line and also controlling the hydraulic proportional valves through a switching system.

The front supports are used for supporting the being bent sheet and can be moved in three directions.