Guillotine Hydraulic

Hydraulic Guillotine Peyman Machine's Hydraulic Guillotine is in the category of slide hydraulic guillotines and is suitable for shearing steel sheets and also for mass shearing. Peyman Machine's Guillotines have sufficient strength and have used modern equipment's and also new designs in the manufacturing of guillotines consequently using of the guillotine gets move satisfactory and

Guillotine Fidder

Feeder Guillotine  This system minimizes the users involvement during shearing operation. It is also used for saving time and reducing the expeses.Feeder is controlled by monitoring system and according to the program designed and install on the system by the company its possible to have both simple and angled shearing. Operator can automatically shear favorite

Anti twist Guillotine

Anti twist Guillotine By using this system, its possible to produce small width sheets that are nottwisted in shearing process. Anti twist system has been equipped with several specific hydraulic jacks that during shearing, fill under cut sheet to prevent twist of sheet. these jacks act automatically and can be deactivated for sheets with large

12Meter Guillotine

Hydraulic Guillotine 12 meter This company has designed and manufactured the 12-meter guillotine with the capability of cutting up to the thickness of 12mm for the first time. Due to the heaviness of the structure, this machine is designed and manufactured in several pieces. It can be used for shearing ling pieces in the chassis

Guillotine Crocodile

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