Automatic punch

Another product of Peyman machine company is hydraulic punch that is manufactured in different dimensions and forces. This punch is one-form and appropriate to the needs, a variety of bean/circle hole forms can be installed on it.

Machines’ feeder table moves in two directions vertical in each other and it is equipped with ball screws and digital servo motors.

In order to increase efficiency and precision in drilling, two hydraulic clamps hold the sheet firmly. also to prevent the vertical movement of the sheet while top tool is returning, two hydraulic cylinders have been placed beside tooling. In addition, AutoCAD files can be applied easily in this program.


Producing punching assemble chips, and base plate in different industries including building steel structure, structure, chassis, oil, cement, gas, industrial filters, …

Features of Punch

Equipped with industrial automation

Capability of repeating the memory program

Including steel tooling

Consecutive drilling in automatic mode

Including two manual and automatic control modes

Possibility of installing different types of drilling forms

Including high speed and precision in drilling

Possibility of returning to the beginning spot of drilling

Automatic table system equipped with PLC, HMI