Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake

One of new activities of Peyman Machine is developing the technology of simultaneous use of two Tandem Press brake for bending on long sheets and makes it possible to bend 14-meter or longer sheets in one stage. it’s more applied in manufacturing light towers, chassis, trucks, guard rails and etc.

Mechanism of dynamic sprag.

Considering that the force of press brake on dynamic jaw in two spots is provided by cylinder, in the bends with long pieces, dynamic and fixed jaws are bent in the middle that causes the created angle to be smaller in the middle of the piece than the ones at both ends of the piece. In this machine, mechanism of dynamic sprags is applied to solve the problem.

  • Equipped with industrial automation
  • Capability of bending different angles
  • Equipped with puller to pull out the sheet automatically
  • Equipped with automatic table in front and back of the machine to feed the sheet
  • Including crowing system to redress the shortage of bend angle in the middle of the piece