Guillotine Fidder

Feeder Guillotine 

This system minimizes the users involvement during shearing operation. It is also used for saving time and reducing the expeses.Feeder is controlled by monitoring system and according to the program designed and install on the system by the company its possible to have both simple and angled shearing.

Operator can automatically shear favorite number of cuts respectively by inser ing the first data to system and then running the program. Finally after shearing the last sheet, sheet holder system moves back to prepare for shearing next sheet. 

Guillotine Fidder


  • Including electronic back gauge system with the capability of moving up and down.
  • Equipped with feeder
  • Equipped with electronic angle system
  • Including tow-state sheet-holder
  • Including high speed and precision in shearing.
  • panel

On the panel of the machine, control equipment including on and off switches of the main engine, switches of changing the dynamic jaw’s angle and switches of changing the distance of back gauge have been installed.

  • Variable Flow Piston Pump

In order to conserve electricity and prevent oil from getting hot variable flow piston pump can be used, so that oil doesn’t circulate when the motor is on but the pump is in the standby mode for cutting. As a result, oil becomes less hot and less electricity is utilized.

  • The Template System of the Back Gauge

In the template system of the back gauge a ball bearing- guide (called rail guide) is used that increases its precision and durability. Regarding back gauges templates. Capability of moving upward and downward wide sheets can be sheared without disassembling the template and it’s also possible to employ angling system of the template if needed (optional).

  • Feeler-Making The Machine

Width of the cut (distance of two blades) must be adjusted so that the cut is without shape change and knob and the machine can operate with high efficiency. In order to change the distance of the blades, two feeler-making guides have been places behind the machine that six positions are created on them by the lever.


  • Blade

Machine blades are made of durable steel operations that include 4 cutting edges.

  • Ball transfer

The existence of ball transfer on the front table of the machine leads to smooth movement of heavy sheets while cutting.

  • Back gauge system.

Back gauge system has been placed behind the machine to adjust the width of cutting sheet. This system includes on indicator that its distance from lower blade changes by moving motor of the gauge.

  • Tow-state Of Sheet Holders

Ones suitable for shearing small sheets just by turning off the valve- placed at the end of the sheet holders. Can prevent activation of all sheet holders so only 1/3 of the sheet holder act.

  • Equipped with Anti-twist system.
    • Nitrogen Gas

    This System according to the clients order, Nitrogen accumulator can be used in Hydraulic system. In this method, the return of dynamic jaw can be done with high speed.

    • Laser Light

    It creates a straight line on the cutting spot by turning on the red light, so that the operator distinguishes the cutting spot easily without requiring the shadow line and fluorescent light behind the guillotineMachine