About Us

About Us

Peyman Machine.Co.Ltd

Peyman Machine Company is one of the manufacturers Of industrial machines including press brake and guillotine and the first manufacturer of 12-meter guillotine and 14-meter press brake in Iran. This company was founded in 1380, with the aim of designing and manufacturing industrial devices and steel working machines by enjoying on experienced and skilled engineers and it’s active by manufacturing over 500 machines in all cities of Iran and over 50 machines in other countries (Iraq and Afghanistan).


Appling CRM system in the units of sales and warranty services to facilitate customer's affairs.
Enjoying a team specialist in electronic and hydraulic fields in warranty services unit.
Training, installing and operating the machines for free.
Including technical – engineering and designing units in the factory.
Enhancing the quality of machines and increasing customer's satisfaction.
Punctual delivery of the machine and providing the best service.
Reading and assessing the customer's suggestions.
Promoting variety and more efficiency of the machine in comparison with similar samples.
Consultation with customers for selecting the proper type and method.
Preforming stress relief operation of the machine's body using modern method that leads to releasing revival stress of the piece and ling-term stability in the machine precision.
One(solar) year warranty and 10-year support of the company product.


  • 1388

    Construction of 9 meter guillotine for the first time in Iran.

  • 1390

    Construction of a 1.3 meter hydraulic press brake for the first time in Iran.

  • 1391

    Manufacturing punch with automatic feeder table.

  • 1392

    Construction of a 14 meter hydraulic press brake in Iran.

  • 1395

    Construction of 12 meter guillotine for the first time in Iran.

  • 1397

    Construction of a 7 meter hydraulic press brake.

  • 1397

    Construction of a Magnet bending machine.