Air-gas and Plasma

Automatic air-gas and plasma cutting machine suitable for cutting steel components by the CNC system that its high precision and speed decreases the time for doing a project in comparison with the traditional and manual methods.

The cutting machine is manufactured in different dimensions appropriate to the needs of the customers The ordinary dimensions of the CNC machine are 3×1.5m, 6×1.5m or 6x2m Air – gas cutting is the most economical way for cutting sheets with a thickness from 3 to 300 mm It’s also possible to have more than one torch on one axis and to change the torch angle to cut bevels.


It’s possible to use control system of torch height that regarding the bend of the sheet, the distance between torch and the sheet used for appropriate cut will be constant It’s also possible to use correct arrangement software (NESTING) that arranges intended shapes on the raw sheet. So that the sheet waste is minimized The Control box provides user- easy- access during cutting modification and prevention of damages to electronic components

Capability of cutting several intended shapes automatically Using of the remote control increases operator’s movement maneuver and phases out the need for standing behind the control box too Possibility of putting and picking up the sheet from sides or the front side of the machine.