Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

Peyman Machine's hydraulic Press Brakes are designed in different sizes from 2 to 14 meters with a maximum Force of 1200ton by employing an advanced technology to bend metal sheets. Peyman Machine has succeeded in manufacturing Press Brake with a length of 14m and force of 1200ton.Upgrading hydraulic system and controlling the old and used

Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake

One of new activities of Peyman Machine is developing the technology of simultaneous use of two Tandem Press brake for bending on long sheets and makes it possible to bend 14-meter or longer sheets in one stage. it's more applied in manufacturing light towers, chassis, trucks, guard rails and etc. Mechanism of dynamic sprag. Considering

One-cylinder Hydraulic Press Brake

This machine is manufactured in dimensions lower than 1.5m and with the force of at most 110 tons. Regarding its high precision and speed, it can be suitable for small factories and beside press brake, it can increase the efficiency of big workshop in bending operation. The movement of dynamic jaw for bending with precise

Electronic Press Brake

Electrical Press Brakes machines are manufactured with length of 1 to 2m and force up to 50 ton. In this system servo motor is applied to produce power and it causes high speed and accuracy in bending, also this system has three kinds for movement including rapid movement for return. In this system, speed of