Guillotine Hydraulic

Hydraulic Guillotine Peyman Machine's Hydraulic Guillotine is in the category of slide hydraulic guillotines and is suitable for shearing steel sheets and also for mass shearing. Peyman Machine's Guillotines have sufficient strength and have used modern equipment's and also new designs in the manufacturing of guillotines consequently using of the guillotine gets move satisfactory and

Guillotine Fidder

Feeder Guillotine  This system minimizes the users involvement during shearing operation. It is also used for saving time and reducing the expeses.Feeder is controlled by monitoring system and according to the program designed and install on the system by the company its possible to have both simple and angled shearing. Operator can automatically shear favorite

Anti twist Guillotine

Anti twist Guillotine By using this system, its possible to produce small width sheets that are nottwisted in shearing process. Anti twist system has been equipped with several specific hydraulic jacks that during shearing, fill under cut sheet to prevent twist of sheet. these jacks act automatically and can be deactivated for sheets with large

12Meter Guillotine

Hydraulic Guillotine 12 meter This company has designed and manufactured the 12-meter guillotine with the capability of cutting up to the thickness of 12mm for the first time. Due to the heaviness of the structure, this machine is designed and manufactured in several pieces. It can be used for shearing ling pieces in the chassis

Guillotine Crocodile

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Hydraulic Press Brake

Peyman Machine's hydraulic Press Brakes are designed in different sizes from 2 to 14 meters with a maximum Force of 1200ton by employing an advanced technology to bend metal sheets. Peyman Machine has succeeded in manufacturing Press Brake with a length of 14m and force of 1200ton.Upgrading hydraulic system and controlling the old and used

Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake

One of new activities of Peyman Machine is developing the technology of simultaneous use of two Tandem Press brake for bending on long sheets and makes it possible to bend 14-meter or longer sheets in one stage. it's more applied in manufacturing light towers, chassis, trucks, guard rails and etc. Mechanism of dynamic sprag. Considering

One-cylinder Hydraulic Press Brake

This machine is manufactured in dimensions lower than 1.5m and with the force of at most 110 tons. Regarding its high precision and speed, it can be suitable for small factories and beside press brake, it can increase the efficiency of big workshop in bending operation. The movement of dynamic jaw for bending with precise

Electronic Press Brake

Electrical Press Brakes machines are manufactured with length of 1 to 2m and force up to 50 ton. In this system servo motor is applied to produce power and it causes high speed and accuracy in bending, also this system has three kinds for movement including rapid movement for return. In this system, speed of

Impact Punch

Standard featuresOptional featuresStandard features Cone bending device Induction hardened rolls Digital display for side rolls Fully welded steel (St-52) construction body Separate moving control panel Two rolling speeds Electro-hydraulic calibration All rolls are mounted in roller spherical roller bearings Safety equipment around the machine Central rolls are driven by hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes CE,

Automatic punch

Another product of Peyman machine company is hydraulic punch that is manufactured in different dimensions and forces. This punch is one-form and appropriate to the needs, a variety of bean/circle hole forms can be installed on it. Machines' feeder table moves in two directions vertical in each other and it is equipped with ball screws

Air-gas and Plasma

Automatic air-gas and plasma cutting machine suitable for cutting steel components by the CNC system that its high precision and speed decreases the time for doing a project in comparison with the traditional and manual methods. The cutting machine is manufactured in different dimensions appropriate to the needs of the customers The ordinary dimensions of

Automatic Laser

Standard featuresStandard features Automatic Laser Fiber Cutting PC-equipped control system and the ability to use dwg and dxf files Ability to use the g code program The displacement accuracy of the machine is 0/1 mm Repeat-ability accuracy of 0/1 mm Iron cutting power up to 8 mm Steel cutting power up to 5 mm One

Magnet Bending

This company manufactures Magnet bending machine with the length of 1_2meter in various tonnage, suitable for 2mm sheets. This machine is used for productive, service and research purposes. By its magnetic mobile jaw, complex pieces are produced more easily than regular machines. Its voltage is 220 and electricity consumption is really low.خم-با-کیفیت-عالی.mp4 Previous Next

Corners Cutting

This machine is equipped with strong chassis and corners cutting form up to the capacity of cutting 20×20×20 corners. This machine includes a big hydraulic cylinder to provide cutting force and two small hydraulic cylinders to hold corners. A 7-meter automatic table has been installed in front of the machine so that different lengths of

Automatic strap straightening machine Automatic strap straightening machine is equipped with two_sided roll removing, puller, wave_removing, twist_removing, guillotine and accumulation table . In addition, fabric strap can be produced in various lengths and sizes by this machine. the straps are used in grating production and housing, oil and gas projects. Previous Next

Turning The Girders Peyman machine company has offered a new mechanism for turning girders and steel boxes that has eased the problem of turning the girders and steel boxes in productive workshops. this mechanism includes simplicity and high efficiency and can be applied in the whole building of the workshop or even out of it. Previous Next

Small Arc Roll Forming Machine Small Arc Roll Forming Machine It's appropriate for roll forming metal belts that are used for manufacturing grating. Previous Next

Round Cutter A simple mechanism has been used in this machine for shearing round pieces so that circles with small diameters up to 1m can be cut by air-gas and plasma. advantages of this machines are small size and easy portability. Previous Next